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Essay Outline
The transportation infrastructure is an important part the “economic engine” of our country. Since it is so important, local, state, and federal funds should be spent ontransportation projects before other needs (e.g., health-related programs).
* What needs are more important to develop?
* Is transportation useful to develop other needs suchas education or health?
* What would be the impact of directing the funds to health and education instead of tourism and transportation?
* If the government stops subsidizing transportation,what would be the economic impact?
* What would be the impact (social, economic, etc) of an increment on transportation programs?
* Would investing more in health and education generate moreincome than investing in transportation and tourism?
* Does transportation´s project represent incomes/benefits?
* Will an investment in new infrastructure produce an economic growth? Would itmake a difference in investing on the existing infrastructure?
* Long term speaking, what would be the result of increasing transportation programs?
* Would an increase in transportationmake a change in tourism?
* Does a decrease in transportation projects affect other needs?
* Do cutting off other needs affect transportation?
* Does a decrease/increase in transportationprojects affect companies/industries?


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