Transporte con hielo seco

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Weight of Frozen Food 2 LB 5 LB 10 LB 20 LB 50 LB

Time In Transit 4 Hours 2 LB Dry Ice3 LB Dry Ice 4 LB Dry Ice 5 LB Dry Ice 10 LB Dry Ice 12 Hours 4 LB Dry Ice 6 LB Dry Ice 8 LB Dry Ice 10 LB Dry Ice 20 LB Dry Ice 24 Hours 8 LB Dry Ice 10 LB Dry Ice 14 LB Dry Ice 20 LB DryIce 35 LB Dry Ice 2 Days 16 LB Dry Ice 18 LB Dry Ice 24 LB Dry Ice 30 LB Dry Ice 50 LB Dry Ice

For each additional day add 8 to 15 pounds.

Dry Ice Storage & Facts
• • • •

Dry ice isbetter than wet ice for keeping foods frozen or extremely cold because it turns to a gas, not water. Dry ice can extend the life of wet ice by approximately 40 hours when small amounts of wetice are placed on top of dry ice. Dry ice has approximately 15 times more cooling capacity than the same amount of wet ice, and can last approximately 5 times longer. For temporary storage(up to 12 hrs.) of dry ice, place wrapped ice in an insulated container. Do NOT store dry ice in a working freezer or refrigerator, as the air flow will reduce the effective life of the dryice.
When dry ice is used for COOLING, place in BOTTOM of cooler or insulated container. Do not allow food or cans to have direct contact with dry ice – place an insulating material such ascardboard, wet ice or paper between dry ice and product. When dry ice is used for FREEZING, place it on TOP of items you want frozen, with a separating layer of newspaper or cardboard.

Keepdry ice wrapped in paper (newspaper, paper bag, etc.) or towels for safety. The insulation also will extend the life of the dry ice. Caution: Dry ice temperature is -109.3 F. (-78.5 C.)Always handle dry ice with care – wear gloves at all times. Store with plenty of ventilation. If dry ice comes in contact with bare skin, injury similar to a burn will result.

Hielo Seco
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