Trash island

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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Daily, every habitant of earth produces about 1 kilogram and a halfway trash, this trash is divided into organic matter and recyclable material. It is clearthat less than 40% of human recycle a problem that leads to bigger ones. You may ask yourself, where does all that crap goes? Certainly a part is taken to the dump, inadapted ground where they bury all waste and there are broken over time. Others are emptied into the rivers that naturally find the sea and affect theentire marine ecosystem. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a particular problem, a cluster of toxic waste that pollutes and damages marine life.

This garbage patch is moved through the PacificOcean and the parts of garbage spread constantly until reaching Hawaii, its beaches get full of plastic and other garbage that habit Pacific Ocean, weknow that this untrustworthy kills birds and marine important mammals .The lack of awareness and respect for human beings for the rest of the planet is already bearing fruit, animals indanger of extinction, global warming, floods, droughts, pollution of rivers and seas, but will have to happen for us, wake up awareness and conserve our environment developed personalresponsibility.
With our efforts, attitudes as simple as possible as recycle all waste from our house, place trash only in the collection sites to be conducted at specializedsites in its destruction not on our resources, forests and rivers.After all this mismanagement that we have given to our damaged planet resources that are our responsibility,there is no choice to raise environmental awareness, knowing that if there is a change of attitude considerable the end of our planet will be in a distant future.
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