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TuneAid Music & Video Copy Feature is now in DiskAid, our iPod, iPhone and iPad Transfer Tool

PC Windows Version 5.09
3.93 MB – Other platforms

TuneAid and DiskAid have been merged and arenow one single software covering all your transfer needs for all Apple mobile devices.
DiskAid features include:
* Music & movie copy wizard
* Photos and videos copy
* Access tomessages and data (for iOS devices)
* Access to Apps and file system (for iOS devices)
TuneAid licenses are valid for the new DiskAid and will unlock all features.

DiskAid 5
iPhone, iPad &iPod Transfer Tool for PC & Mac

PC Windows Version 5.09
3.93 MB - Other platforms
* Overview
* Getting Started!
* Downloads
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* Educational
* Get Help
*Transfer Files to Apps
Copy Music & Videos
Access Data
Transfer Photos
Access File System
Advanced Features

DiskAid Transfers Files to Apps on iPhone,iPad or iTouch.
Browsing iPhone Apps contents and transferring files to or from an iOS device has never been easier with DiskAid. It automatically discovers all Apps and allows to copy files, folders oreven complete file trees!
Enjoy fast and dependable file copy to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via USB connection with DiskAid and copy files, data media or folders to your iPhone iPad or iPodtouch.
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Copy Music & Videos from your Device and Transfer it back into iTunes (Formerly a TuneAid feature!).
DiskAid 5 replaces TuneAid and includes a brand new intuitive music& videos transfer wizard for your media copy from any iPod, iPhone and iPad to your computer.
Transfer music, movies, podcasts (audio & video), iTunes U, audiobooks, any playlist or any specificselection or mix of all these. The copy will include iTunes meta data: ratings, play counts, and more.
DiskAid will rebuild your iTunes library from your iPhone, iPod or iPad; it’s just like...
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