Two holidays that generate money in ecuador

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Holidays are special dates for everybody. The common way to celebrate them is through vacations. People enjoy furloughs because they can spend timewith their family and friends. Also, triennials generate better opportunities to obtain a job and earn money. Ecuador has some of them like Carnival, Independence Day, Worker´s day, Easter week,Christmas and New Year that improve the tourism.
During the days of vacation, People can choose between going to the Seacoast and the Highlands. In the Seacoast, the can enjoy the beaches and the seafood.Otherwise, in the Highlands, they can practice extreme sports like bonging jumping, climbing, rafting and taste the typical food.
The most popular furloughs in Ecuador are Carnival and Christmas Day.Both of them are so wished and expected by people because they are long and the majority can travel to any part of the country. But, they are different because people prefer to celebrate Carnival withfriends and Christmas Day with their family.
I´m going to discuss about Carnival, on this date more than relaxing, everybody is looking for fun, specially the kids and teenagers. But, they dodifferent kind of things during the vacation. For example, kids like to play with water, colorful foam, eggs, and everything that could spot people walking in the streets. On the other hand, teenagers enjoythose days in another way like going to the beach to visit their friends and meet new people. They are more sociable and out-going, so they use to go to malls, parties and discos. Adolescents don´tcare about where they are going to sleep or eat, they just want to get fun and spend time with the people they like. Also, this festivity attract many tourists and that generates money to our countrybecause they become crazy with the clothes sold at the beaches like dresses, pants, bath suits and our crafts like necklaces, bracelets, rings and decorations. And they love our food, especially the...
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