Two nuns

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“Doubt” is a film written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, with Meryl Streep in the role of sister Beauvier, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Father Flynn, and Amy Adams as Sister James. The filmpresents a peculiar situation in a catholic school in the 60’s which shows the interaction between two interesting characters; Sister Beauvier and Sister James, as they try to solve it. The situationshows a delicate issue in the Catholic Church, which tests both personalities and the interaction between them, in order to find the truth, a truth that maybe one of them is not ready to find out.Sister Beauvier appears at beginning as a bitter, strict principal of the school, and Sister James seems to be the happy, kind nun-teacher that loves her job. These differences are visible since the firstappearance of the characters in the movie, The principal is always pendant of everything and doesn’t allow any disturbance during the mass or a class for example, while Sister James doesn’t reallycare about a student not having his book, for example, as long as she can teach and the students can learn and have a good time in the class.
Although Sister James is a caring person, that showsinnocence, and seems to enjoy simple things in life, she can be sometimes perspicacious, for instance, when Father Flynn calls Donald to the rectory. Sister James shows a part of her personality that tellsus that she is not always innocent and obedient of the rules when she decided to open the locker to see what did Father Flynn put inside. Sister Beauvier shows a hidden part of her personality too,she tries to be funny once, and shows a really sweet gesture helping silently one of the nuns, the blind one, to take the fork. That mean that even when their personalities are well defined, they don’talways show what’s going on in their minds.
Even when these two nuns have opposite personalities, they both care a lot of the kids. Sister Beauvier is looking for every detail to be perfect, and...
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