Un in international security: improvement of the framework

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The historical context in which institutions are born have a clearly influence in development of policy.
The conflict situation where the United Nations was born no longer an important factor alsoinfluencing its form of action, determined how they carry put their relations.
After the 2nd World War and the Conference of San Francisco, establishing the United Nations (UN), based on a treaty :The UN charter, signed on June 26, 1945 by 51 countries (now are 192 children belonging to the UN)
The Security Council: United Nations agency charged with maintaining peace and security among nations.Unlike other divisions of the United Nations can only make recommendations to governments, the Security Council can make “resolutions” and force members to comply, according to the requirements ofthe Charter of the United Nations together.
This is the only United Nations body whose decisions Member States under the Charter, are bound. Other United Nations bodies make recommendations.
Itconsists of 15 members, of which 5 have a permanent seat (which implies a great power) are: Britain, France, United States of America, Russia and China and these countries have a veto. The five permanentmembers correspond to the four victorious powers of World War II plus France. The other 10 rotate every two years and 5 to 5. They needed 9 votes to 15 for making a decision.
The Presidency of theCouncil rotates monthly, according to the list of Member States of the Security Council in the English alphabetical order of their names.EscucharLeer fonéticamente
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However, we know that United Nations is supranational forum whose scope is narrow enough so that many of its decisions, to not be binding (except the Security Council) are not fruitful. Thismeans that in the global context, decisions that will definitely have an impact in the world are taken by a group of countries.
The Security Council does not reflect today´s distribution of military or...
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