America’s use of force in international arena

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We have seen or heard about the most powerful military actions on the planet from the U.S. Throughout the world’s history, it has showed that the U.S. always uses its force in accomplishing its goalsat any cost. One of the first facts that proved this behavior took place in 1897, during the end of the Hispanic-Cuban war, in which they blew up one of their battleships named Maine inside theHavana’s port in order to put the blame on the Spanish government, giving them an excuse to enter this war.
In 1947, after saving the Pacific and Europe from the Axis (Rome-Berlin-Tokyo), the UnitedStates appeared in Korea in the second assault on South Asia. The Soviets moved from being an ally to an enemy. The influence of Communism – “the evil”, that the White House intends to remove from theworld, served as an excuse to test their war machines and deploy them anywhere. After the end of the Korean War in 1953, both the U.S. military and CIA were getting stronger and constituted a pressuregroup that could make important decisions against other countries, such as the fail intervention in the Bay of Pigs (Cuba) in 1961.
In 1964, large cargo planes started to land in Vietnam and all theU.S. military would "vacation" in the Southwest Asia, to give a hand to the French, who are doing terribly to preserve its colonial hegemony in the Indochina Peninsula. All these made a new pulse inthe Cold War. The North of Vietnam had to ask Moscow for help and they sent them MIG-17 to fight the U.S. F-5. All went well until the late 60's, American society realized that actually their childrendid not go to “surf” in Vietnam, but were fighting against a scary enemy - the communist guerrillas of Ho Chi Minh. Despite of protest and anti-war activism of the followers of "Flower Power" from theSummer of Love 1966, the White House continued sending troops until the surrender in 1975. The legacy given by the war was the high casualties on both sides, the mass annihilation of innocent...
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