Un soldado en la guerra de galipolli

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Hunters Hill High School
Sidney Australia
Subject: History
Topic: Gallipolli and the WWI

Ginette Villasmil
Year 9

Ginette’s life before the WWI.

Since she was a little child Ginette have never been like the other girls, she is Stronger, intelligent, afraid of nothing, everybody says she is weird always trying to proveherself, just like a man, now she want to know how brave and cold can be her heart but even the most strong girl may is not brave and cold enough to win her own Challenge.
The lack of friends, money and husband, pushed her to risk everything, she was in the place where the eye does not see, she thought that after being completely alone, with no one willing to mourn for her death, she must take allthe fun of which had abstained throughout her life before her death, and this was the perfect opportunity to make friends and have fun, after all, if the war don’t take her life, she was going to return to her county full of proud and being respected for everybody, because sometimes your whole life boils clown to one insane move. Everything seemed perfect for her, she was so convinced, but in thedarkest corner of her mind she was mature enough to understand that nobody wants to die.

April - 19 - 1915. - DAY 1
Some of my friends are going to brew among soldiers sent to Gallipoli war, is something stupid, is not our war, is theirs, those such British, but they say they love Australia and would do everything for the glory, that it is pure patriotism, the girls say it's only for fear ofbeing seen as a coward, I do not know, I prefer not to comment, I do this for my own reasons, I am alone, my family died years ago I have no work and men do not look at me because I’m like them, I’m their mate. I know that by going to war I’ll get money to live, and I could have some fun before I die. When I heard it’s very easy to recruit in Perth, I cut my hair and took the first train, All theway I had the deepest feeling I have lived in each of my 15 years of life, darkest fear that a human can live, but also a comforting feeling of freedom, there is no future, and if there is, I can see pride, glory and respect there, I was in the way to hell with a smile that I’d have if I were going to heaven. I got there and I could not think, butterflies took over my stomach and almost made mevomit, thankfully nobody persuaded that I am a woman, the uniforms are like all soldiers uniforms, unimaginative and boring, maybe could be a bit more comfortable but who cares? I don’t. When they told me it was easy to recruit there, I never imagined it would be that easy, we will go to Egypt tomorrow to train, I have to keep my heart cold or someone is going to realize that I’m a woman. I haveseen the weapons, I don’t know if they make me excited or scared, there is massive cannons, machine guns and lots of powder. In Sydney we had to know how to ride a horse, which was lucky for me, I studied riding a few months in the small town I was born in, but I had not seen people riding here, anyway, I just hope to get to the war soon and finish with this fear, survive or not? I don’t know, Idon’t care! I just want to get to the end of this trouble I got in.

April - 20 - 1915. - DAY 2
Woke up very early, and boarded the boat to Egypt, we sailed all day, it was exhausting and so stressfully all those powder made me nervous, I felt like all those mortar bombs and mustard gas was going to explode at any time, I prefer to keep away from everybody so they don’t realize that I’m a girl but Ihave spoken to some guys, some were farmers and lawyers accountants and labourers, they all seemed like having a little peanut in their heads, bragging about how many Turks they would kill, all of them think like me, but they left their families, how stupid! They don’t know how lucky they are for having a family, I do this because I am alone, they do it just for what they call patriotism, I...
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