Un verano inolvidable

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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"An unforgettable summer," this history is to a remote Russian town and focuses on the lives of three adolescents whose names are Silke, Martin and Nii (missing). Martinis a boy of about 12 to 14 years old, is an exemplary son, comes from a functional family with parents who are concerned about and safety, Martin to be entering adolescence begins to have an attractionto a model of a fragrance lotion he is in love with this model and begins to hallucinate with it. Silke she is a very polite and cheerful, she comes from a family of divorced parents who even haslinks for it. Moreover Nii He's a guy smoking because of the moral state in which he finds his dysfunctional family, his father is a smoker, drunkard who barely works and passes fighting with his wifeas she deceives him with another.

The story begins when Martin came with his mother to shop and discovers Nii Trying to steal cigarettes, give notice to the shopkeeper who angrily him away, the dayafter Martin sees Silke with Nii and occur one day Martin is exploring the town and finds the bike Silke parked outside the building and decides to come to see that aviation and encounters a group ofgirls rehearsing a dance routine, among girls was Silke and all laugh at him and the teacher asks you to remove and very sorry he obeys, Martin expects to Silke out to talk to her, then stay talkingand Martin asks Silke to show the people and it takes the option of showing a very special place just outside the town called Liverpool which is a kind of pier very nice and quiet, to get where Silkeset to sunbathe and Martin begins to feel an attraction to Silke and after Nii finds them and it creates a small feud between them.

The next day at school Martin goes to the bathroom and finds Niismoking and a teacher discovers Martin is found guilty and thereafter emerge a little friendship between Martin and Nii that will grow as they share time, adventures and problems. Some days later...
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