* Confidently use set phrases to ask for help and permission, and in general classroom routines.
* Show a good understanding of classroominstructions.
* Identify favourite authors, e. g. Eric Calre, John Burningham, Spot books by Eric Hill, Maisy books by Lucry Cousins.
* Recognise between 10 and 30 of the most common high Fequency words.* Show an awarness of the concepts enormous, tiny, long and short, longer and shorter, tall and short, taller and shorter, bigger and smaller.
* Show an awarness of school days and weekends,before and after, months of the year and begin to read o’clock time.
* Participate and enjoy other cultures and their celebrations (St. Patrick’ Day)
* Participate in and show a broaderawarness of different customs and ways of celebrating.
* Spring weather.
* Spring months. Place for Spring in the calendar.
* Spring Clothes and colours.
* Colours of the rainbowand their order.
* St. Patrick’s Day and everything around that celebration.
* Near/Far, enormous, tiny, long and short, longer and shorter, tall and short, taller and shorter, bigger andsmaller.
* Being interested in contributing towards a frieze, decorating the class for festivals, collecting items for a dismplay, bringing things from home.
* Enjoy celebrations and parties.* Show an interest in other places and cultures and people speaking other languages.
* Reviewing Spring Weather in the assembly every morning as a daily reoutine.
* Colours of therainbow colouring activity.
* Matching and sorting Months of the year by season. Focusing on Winter revision and Spring.
* Spring colours (intorducing light and dark green).
* Dress theboy/girl for Spring.
* Creating decorations for the school St. Patrick’s Day celebration (Leprechauns, four leaf clovers, pots of gold, and rainbows colouring and punching activities).
*... [continua]

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