Unusual jobs

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Unusual Jobs

Unusual jobs can be a way to get out of a rut and make some money. I have worked as a repo-man, a investigative process-server, and even handed out free samples in grocery stores, among many other jobs I've had. Here are some other possibilities.
Cowpunchers herd, castrate and brandcattle. When you get bored castrating cattle, you get to repair fences, watering troughs and do other maintenance work on the ranch.
Alligator Wrangler
This is one of the more dangerous jobs, and probably not worth the pay, unless you get a T.V. show like the The Crocodile Hunter.

Wrinkle Chaser

A Wrinkle Chaser is the person that irons wrinkles from shoes as they are being made to ensure theyare perfectly smooth when you buy them.

Chicken Sexer

This is a real job title. A chicken sexer sorts through baby chicks to determine if they are male or female, and then segregate them.

Citrus Fruit Colorer

A Citrus Fruit Colorer, with the help of steam and chemicals, gives citrus fruit a more natural coloring, because fruit is usually picked before it is fully ripe.


A Celluloid Trimmer shaves down a golf club and then adds celluloid bands onto the golf clubs to make the leather grip stay in place.

Odor Judgers

Odor Judgers get to smell armpits all day to help make deodorants that will work well. I'm not sure why somebody other than some strange fetishist would want this job.

Furniture Tester

Now here's a good one. The La-z-Boy Company (andprobably others) employs furniture testers to check out their recliners. Want to relax for a living?

Political Writing

You don't think politicians write their own pamphlets and other campaign materials? Really now - they hardly think their own thoughts. One writer reports that she charges $25 to $35 per hour for writing for politicians.

Weird Restoration Business

Ever see an oldmerry-go-round still functioning. They need to be restored if they are not thrown away. Someone has to do it, and probably gets paid fairly for this highly specialized field.

Technical Manual Translator

Want to translate that technical manual or users guide for the VCR from Japanese to English? Call someone who does this type of work. It may be tedious, but the pay is okay.

Awful AND WeirdI recently came across the story of a woman who worked as an assembler of hypodermic needles. Her job was simply to attach the needles to the syringes. Unfortunately, she was paid by the piece, and made less than $6 on one shift, due to all the time spent tending to her wounds.
Perhaps you don't want to be a sumo-wrestler's assistant, or for that matter a proctologist (now there's a weird job),or have any of the weird jobs listed here. At least they are fun to read about.

Easy Ways To Make Money Now

-Get a job. Or work more hours at your present job. Don't believe that starting a business or learning to invest successfully is easy. A job is much easier. Go to work, and get a paycheck every week or two guaranteed - that's easy!
-Sell your things. Another easy way to make moneyquickly is to sell whatever you don't need. Get rid of the second car, the snowmobile you never use, etc.
-Cut your expenses. Cancel cable TV, and learn how to spend less for all the things you buy. If you can spend $14 less each day on unimportant things, it adds up to over $5,000 annually. That's like making $7,000 more, since you have to earn that much to have $5,000 after taxes.
-Buy a lotteryticket. Hey, it's easy if it works, right?

Easy Ways To Make Money - Eventually

Okay, I said that the job is easier than a business, and that is true in the near-term. On the other hand, if you define easy as "the most money over time for the least effort," you need to invest or start a business. I'll tell you two stories in regards to that idea.
First, I bought my first home when I was in...
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