Urban tribes

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Urban Tribes
Urban tribes are made up by groups of people – usually young, with a distinct common identity: the same aesthetic codes, the same identity symbols, the same rules, the same language,the same music… A whole ideology!

These tribes have many different ideologies: right-wing, left-wing, non-political or against globalization. Some of them are nearly extinct, and others in fullexpansion. But all of them are ruled by it own ideology.

Some of them are nearly extinct, and others in full expansion. It is estimated that in Madrid alone coexist more than fifteen tribes. Theyusually meet in central, commercial or nightlife areas.
Sometimes people associate urban tribes with violence. In fact, there are some of them which are linked to incidents, brutal attacks and socialproblems; but many of them are inoffensive.

We are going to analyse the following urban tribes.

Skin Heads: they were born in England in the 60s to combat nationalism. Soon they diverged into twogroups: the extreme right-wing and the extreme left-wing, and which became strong enemies. In Spain they sympathize with the extreme right-wing, their figures and their symbols. They are a violent,xenophobic and homophobic group who wants to eradicate these collectives. They share the same aesthetics, which the most representative point is their shaved hair. They wear nylon jackets, Nazi emblems andmilitary boots with steel toecaps.
Gothics: they were born in England between the 70s and the 80s. They share the same style, musical and cultural dark tastes. Their aesthetic focuses on the colourblack: Both their clothes and their makeup are black. Their favourite music styles are the Gothic rock and death rock among others. They love death and everything associated with obscurantism, butthey are not a violent group. On the contrary, this tribe pleads for the tolerance and the diversity.
Punks: they are known as anti globalization groups. The Punk was born in the late 70s in the UK....
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