Uso de might and may

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How to use may and might
Participants: Escobar Gillary level: 11°A
Marcos Gonzales
Juan Fong
Modal verbs: may-might, modale verbs that arefrequently used in the English language ia may, a i.e. it could be possible, for example:
They may forgive me: Ellos pueden olvidarme.
She may chooseto travelto spain: Ella puede decidir viajar a España.
Notice in th example above that when we use the word “may”refers to probability, not the ability to dosomething, because in that case we would use the modal verb CAN.
The modal verb MAY is closely related to might as both have the same use and meaning, but MAYindicate a grater degree of certainty , for example:
She may forgive the problems: ella puede olvidar el problema.
She might forget the problems: ella podriaolvidar el problema.
You may pay de bills: tu puedes pagar las deudas.
You might pay the bills: tú podrias pagar las deudas.
To express a possibility inthe future, but we will place you in prayer when the actions is performed, for example:
She may help me tomorrow: ella puede ayudarme mañana.
Thy might visitthe hospitalthis afternoon: ellos podrian visiar el hospital esta tarde.
Both MAY an MIGHT be used to request something in formal an polite, the latterbeing a term of almost courtesy, for example:
May I use your telephone please? Puedo usar tu telefono por favor?
Might use your telephone please? Podría usartu telegono por favor?
To construc the negative of both modal verbs will do as follow:
she may not apologize her firend: ella no puede perdonar a su amiga.
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