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El catolicismo se revela a sí mismo como la “Madre Iglesia”

El Papa se considera como líder supremo de toda la Cristiandad, aunque los demás cristianos no lo reconozcan así.


The worship of Mary, today acclaimed as an infallible dogma, was once condemned by the same 'infallible' Church as a deadly sin. Starting in the year 600, the church has made prayers to thevirgin, queen of heaven a dogma. 
She has been called Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Refuge of Sinners, Gate of Heaven, Mother of Mercies, Ark of the Covenant, and Spouse of the Holy Ghost. 

As we honor God by capitalizing words that refer to Him like (He, Him, His), some honor Mary in the same way by capitalizing pronouns such as (she and her). 

Aún Cristo le debe gratitud a María"Nothing resists your power, because the Creator of all honours you as his mother, making your glory his own. Mary owes her Son an infinite gratitude for choosing her for his mother; but it is not less true to say that Jesus Christ has contracted a species of obligation towards her for the human existence he received from her, and in recompense for this benefit he honours her by hearing her prayers."Satan on the Offensive 
As I said, these visions from Mary are a way to prepare Catholics for what Satan sees as real future prophetic events. He must provide a reason for people to hold on. So he has an explanation for everything that is occurring. All three visions have these messages in common.

An angry God
Can only be appeased by devotion to Mary
A warning of a coming catastrophe
Apersonal, supernatural appeal from Mary
A final calamity

Here is a look at what the prophecies predict and satan's possible counter attack. 

|Bible Prophecy |Meaning |Vision |Detail of Vision from "Mary" |
|The woman pursued by the |The persecution of the church by Satan and his |Ida Peerdeman|The woman is "Our lady of all |
|dragon (Revelation 12) |representatives on earth. This important vision introduces | |nations". |
| |the religious and political powers at the end of the world.| | |
|The message of the mighty |Fall of Babylon. Come out of her mypeople. She is guilty |Fatima |Second Vision - devotion to the |
|angel (Revelation 18:1) |of idolatrous worship and is the location of every foul | |immaculate heart |
| |spirit. | | |
| ||Faustina |All men to approach the throne of |
| | | |her mercy |
| | |Akita |Only devotion to Mary will saveus.|
| | | |Pray the rosary. |
|Hearts failing for Fear |An event that makes people turn to religion |Akita |Days of Justice, fire falling from |
| | ||the sky. The threat of this event |
| | | |will lead to the mark of the beast.|
|The mark of the beast |A call to global worship as a way to appease the angry God.|Akita |Days of Justice |
|Persecution |For those who do not follow the...
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