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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Student: | Florencia BustamanteCatalina Tardones |
Date: | Lunes 15 Noviembre 2010 |

Cities that Pedro deValdivia founded

1541 Santiago city
1544 La Serena city
1551 La Imperial city
1552 Concepcion city
1552 Valdivia city

Note: At their request, Jerónimo de Alderete foundedVillarrica (1552) and Francisco de Aguirre explored the region of Tucumán, Santiago del Estero founding (1553). In 1553 Francisco Gutierrez Altamirano order founded by Pedro deValdivia the city of Angol and its first name was “Confines”

Fortresses that Pedro de Valdivia founded
1540 Fortress Quillota
1552 Fortress Tucapel
1553 Fortress Arauco1553 Fortress Puren

Interesting Facts
* Penco is now located where it was founded Concepción
* Santiago’s foundation was signed at the feet of the Santa Lucía Hill* Angol was the last city that Pedro de Valdivia founded
* A lot of Chilean streets have the name of Pedro de Valdivia for example, the street that goes from Concepción toChiguayante
* First name of Valdivia was Santa María la Blanca de Valdivia
* The imperial is called so because they found a two-headed Eagle carved in Wood, similar tothe emblem of Charles V.
* La Serena was the second city of founding
* Villarrica once called “Santa Maria Magdalena de Villa Rica”
* Fortress Penco, There would beinstalled the Royal Court, this was the place Valdivia planned as the capital of Chile and unknowingly coincided with half of the current Chilean territory
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* Purén in Mapudungun language means "land of swamps”
* at Fortress Tucapel died Pedro de Valdivia
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