Valedictorian speech

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  • Publicado : 14 de agosto de 2010
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Good evening!
Ad Astra Per Aspera (To the Stars through difficulties).
Since early childhood, my parents have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. They used to say thateven if people tell you that you are not able to do something if you want it, you can do it. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to study hard in order to get everything I ever dreamed of. I rememberonce when I was 8, and I told my dad I wanted to become an agricultural engineer like him. Of course, that all ended when he told me I would have to get up at 5am to milk the cows and work at thefarms. Then, at that moment I decided to go for a more suitable job for me.
I will admit that I did not expect to be given the honor of performing the valedictorian speech, therefore when I started towrite it I was a little bit nervous and blocked. I couldn’t find the words to say how I feel today and what I have become thanks to the moments we have shared through the last 6 years. Because to methere are no words to describe how wonderful and thrilling those days were. But then I started to recall everything we have lived here in Jefferson.
I still remember walking for the first time,through Jefferson’s doors. I was nervous, scared, but mostly excited. Excited because I was entering to a new phase of my life, where I would learn more, and meet teachers and classmates, that now I am ableto call my family. We all remember being in 8th grade, watching the seniors walking through the halls, going to the bathrooms, making us feel so little and wanting to be like them in order tograduate. And now we are. We are living, what they experienced and to me it still feels surreal. I want to recognize the fact, that when I became a senior, I was happy thinking that high school was almostover. But I will miss it! Everything that happened to me during these years is important and I will always cherish it.
Each and everyone of us will remember what happened to us at Jefferson. How...
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