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Desde principios del siglo XXI, se ha popularizado el nombre quenelle que tiende a utilizarse en muchos países para cualquier preparado que tenga la típica forma ovalada dada por las doscucharadas. En países anglosajones, quenelle se refiere a menudo únicamente a un modo de presentación de purés, helados o preparados pastosos, moldeandolos en porciones individuales entre dos cucharas.Ingredientes:
First 1 box cream cheese pound blue cheese
after 1 teaspoon salt
next 1 teaspoon pepper
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup heavy cream
finally 4 drops of hot pepper.

Putingredients in blender and blend until leaves form a soft cream.

1 kilo chicken of this cutting
400 gr. rice
200 gr. of lean pork
200 gr. of horseshoe bajoqueta
100gr. crushed tomatoes
200 gr. olive oil
water that is twice the rice
red pepper
125 gr. of Tavella
125, garrofón (the latter two are more complicated to get out of Spain substitutes,peppers, peppers, or the like.)
The first step is to put in the pan or similar detailed all the oil in the recipe and when it is hot enough to throw the chicken and pork with a littlesalt to taste. When you realize that you have to start to brown add the tomato bajoca and give them enough laps.
The whole should be well fried, when that happens you must add the pepper and water asfast as you can so that this does not burn it. The next step is to add Tavella, the garrofó and saffron. This is left to boil living flame fire until all we note that this tender.
It is time to putthe rice, add water before we notice that failure by cooking, make sure the amount of salt being chosen, then simmer flame is still alive for 10 minutes, then lower the heat and
and cook another 10minutes.
Taken from the heat, let stand two or three minutes.
INGLATERRA: pescado frito
2 eggs
● 1 / 2 cup water
● 1 cup flour
● 1 tsp. salt
● 1 tsp. oil
● 1 / 2 kg of fish...
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