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Responsibility is a rather broad concept, which relates to assume the consequences of all acts performed in a conscious and intentional. This is one of the most important humanvalues​​, which arises from the human capacity to choose between different options and act, making use of free will, which is the need to take all the consequences of these actions arising.Responsibility not only relates to the consequences of our actions, but is also associated with the principles, those records from which the man takes the motivation to exercise free will and act.Thus, it is understandable that the liability is at stake when a person begins to perform certain activities without real reason to do so, even if such action will bring positive or favorable.Tolerance

We could define the tolerance and acceptance of diversity of opinion, social, ethnic, cultural and religious. It is the ability to listen and accept others, valuing the different ways ofunderstanding and position in life, provided they do not violate the fundamental human rights.
Tolerance if understood as respect and consideration for the difference, as a willingness to admit to othersa way of being and acting than their own, or as a legitimate attitude of acceptance of pluralism, is clearly a virtue of enormous importance.


It is that human quality which the personis determined to always choose to act based on truth and real justice (giving each person his due, including itself).
Being honest is to be real, according to evidence presented by the world and itsvarious events and elements, is to be genuine, authentic, objective. Honesty expresses respect for oneself and for others, who, like us, "are as is" and there is no reason to hide it. This attitudeplanting self-confidence and those who are in contact with the person honestly.
Honesty is not just openness (ability to tell the truth) but to assume that truth is only one and that depends on...
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