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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Diego Alfaro

“It was great, I met a lot of people that helped me and supported me very much. I found at school huge suppport, that helped me to grow as aperson, found a second home with people that I will never forget.
Enjoy every second because last year goes very fast, and suddenly you realize that you met a lot ofpeople and they are not going to be with you anymore. Be concerned about “NEM” because when you are calculating scores you know that it helps you a lot.
I’ll missto every person I met and the school routine, because it is very flexible and personalized, then you just will be a number.

Gonzalo Silva

It is reallyweird it was like if I have lived in school, from first to 12th grade, I did , almost my life in this school and now that I have to leave I realized of that. I had agreat time even though I used to argue with the inspectors all the time, but by the end everything becomes meaningful in your life.

My message is to spend yourtime wisely, and if you don’t want to study, don’t do it . But just have fun. You have to learn new things, but not just numbers and letters, life lessons too .Youshould think new things and new ideas, not just what you learn in the school.
I will miss the environment because the grades visiting us to say good bye were verynice and in general all of them were worried about us or at least I felt it while I was in school.

Juan Pablo Espinoza

He is a quiet person and veryconcerned about his studies, always checking every score the at the teacher coldu forgive, until he got it. He is a serious guy, he loves technology and computer games.
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