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attempt to sell this guide for a profit. This is illegal
and just plain rude to boot.

04.) Controls

The controls forN3 are incredibly simple and intuitive, but it's always handy
to have a list of what each button does, and how to control you character when
you're starting a new game.

Left Stick - Controls your character

Right Stick - Controls the camera

X - Normal AttackY - Power Attack

B - Orb Attack or Orb Spark

A - Jump or Confirm selections

Left Trigger - Block or Reset camera angle

Right Trigger - Special move

Left/Right Bumpers - Summon or Releaseguards

Directional Pad - Command guards to attack (Up) or Command guards to defend

Start - Pause or Access the in-game menu

05.) The Battle System===============================================================================

The Battle System of N3 is very simple and easy to use. Within seconds of
playing, you should feel very comfortable with it. It is possible to simply
wade through the hordes of enemies mashing X and Y repeatedly, and beat the
entire game thatway. But that would get fairly difficult in the later
missions. To successfully complete the game, you need to make use of the
various combos and special attacks available.

As your character runs into battle, hundreds of enemies will swarm him/her. It
is up to you whether to have your guards attack relentlesslyor attempt to
defend you. Regardless, you would be foolish to rely heavily on them in
combat. In general, they are not terribly powerful and you'll end up killing
most enemies yourself. Luckily, even the "Normal Attack" is rather powerful
and can hit many enemies at a time. Still yet, there are many aspects of thebattle system that allow you to wipe out hundreds of enemies in a matter of

First of all, you can use combos. To use combos, you mash X and/or Y in various
sequences. For example: X X Y Y Y will perform a powerful combo attack. Simply
mashing them randomly, alternating between buttons every fewseconds, will
generally end up performing most combos without much effort, but you stand a
much better chance of performing the combo you want if you count your button
presses. As you defeat more enemies and your level increases, more combos will
become available over the course of the game.Another important element of combat is the Orb Attack and the Orb Spark. You
may notice early in gameplay that small red orbs of light are flying into your
character as he/she moves around. Don't worry, you are not being attacked. The
orbs are actually very beneficial to you. Every enemy you kill will release an
orb and the orbs...
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