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A.3- How did the authors daughter and her friends feel about the PG-13 movie that the author took them to see?
Disapproveof the film and question the author allows to see and hear bad words.

A.4- Besides parenting styles, what other influences on children are listed in the article?Find mention in the article and those permissive parenting, there are other influences mentioned as alcohol consumption, pierced, tattoo, films R, obscene music, allin children.


1-Who is the author’s intended audience - in other words, who is the writer primarily directing this article to?

Article is abit wider I think it is aimed at all readers to compare and become aware of what happens in some homes where for some inappropriate behavior is good and not forothers, the article mentions and blames this in part to baby boomers who have been very lenient with their children

2-What is the maim idea of the reading?
The main ideais Boomer parents

3-According to the article, who is responsible for the way children turn out?

Are the parents and society in general

4-how do you think theauthor feels about her own parenting skills?

The author question and reconsider his way of raising.

5-How do you think the generation called “baby boomers” gotthat name? how old are the baby boomers now?

This name was given to children born after the Second World War, are in an age of 65 years and sixty giving a period offive years, I think for many of them made the American dream and enjoyed the incredible facilities that gave the nation and the progress and advances were extraordinary.
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