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a. Complete

• Your English tutor´s name is: Monica Mildred Quintero
• Your course directors are: Mary Rotundo and Frank Rutter
• Your collaborative number is:317

b. Write true (T) or false (F)

1. I can attach documents in the forums (T)
2. In the grades link are not my scores (F)
3. In the agenda I can send messages (F)
4.There´re 2 collaborative activities in the course (T)
5. By the link participants, I can see all my group mates and tutor (T)
6. For the speaking activity I have to upload an mp3whit my vice (T)

c. Organize the sentences

1. Are / Lorena / course / and / directors / Leidy / my
Lorena and Leidy are my course directors

2. Grades / link / I / see /can / the / in / scores / my
In the link grades I can see my scores

3. Course / my / tutor / is / tutor´s name
My tutor course is: Monica Mildred Quintero

4. Link / agenda /the / can / see / I / in / activities / my / all
In the agenda link I can see all my activities

5. Do / have / I / 3 / activities / to / forum
I do have 3 activities toforum

6. Have / 6 / automatic / to / I / do / activities
I do have 6 automatic to activities

7. Not / Manuel / sad / is / happy / he / is
Manuel is happy not he is sadd. What is a collaborative activity? (you can write in Spanish or English)

A collaborative activity is a way to evaluate, the units that we have previously worked withthe group work, collaborative activities are socialized all inputs of the classmates and finally the leader of the group makes consolidated the end of work.


e. Youhave to click on the following link
After that you have to write the list of 10 words that are hidden in the puzzle. These words are related to the virtual course

Word List:
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