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  • Publicado : 16 de septiembre de 2010
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Secure Cloud Computing:
An Architecture Ontology Approach KEVIN JACKSON

Forces Driving Cloud Computing - The New IT Era

rev date 3/25/2009

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Cloud Computing Value

rev date3/25/2009

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Cloud Computing Challenge

rev date 3/25/2009

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Unified Ontology of Cloud Computing

CloudApplication (SaaS) Cloud Software Environment (PaaS)

Cloud Software Infrastructure
Computational Resources (IaaS) Storage (DaaS) Communications (CaaS)

Software Kernal Firmware / Hardware (HaaS)Lamia Youseff University of California, Santa Barbara Maria Butrico, Dilma Da Silva IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Tactical Employment Issues
 Internet connectivity assumed  SOA platform
•Security management • Application service discovery and management • Workflow orchestration

 Access management

Ontology Modifications for Tactical Cloud Computing
Access Management CloudApplication Access Management (SaaS) Cloud Application (SaaS) Cloud Application (SaaS) Cloud Application Workflow Orchestration – Policy Engine (SaaS) Workflow Orchestration Security API Cloud SoftwareEnvironment Security API Services / Services(PaaS) Discovery Cloud Software Environment Services / Services Discovery (PaaS) Service Management Service Management Cloud Software Environment Cloud SoftwareInfrastructure (PaaS) Cloud Software Environment Cloud Software Infrastructure (PaaS) Cloud Software Infrastructure Computational Storage Network Security Communications Cloud Software InfrastructureComputational Storage Communications Resources (IaaS) (DaaS) (CaaS) Network(DaaS) Connectivity Resources (IaaS) (CaaS) Computational Communications Network Storage Security Software Kernal SoftwareKernal Firmware / Hardware (HaaS) Firmware / Hardware (HaaS)

Resources (DaaS) Computational Resources (IaaS) Storage Software Kernal (IaaS) (DaaS) Software Kernal

(CaaS) Communications (CaaS)...
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