Vega alta, puerto rico

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• Tedoro Ramirez
• Antonio Nava Rumoros
• Emilio Escalera
• Arturo Rivera
• Ramon Cestero
• Emilio Davila Diaz
• Jose Vega Nevarez
• Francisco Chinea• Carmelo Mercado/RIP
• Jose Rosado Negron/Mayor from 1977 to 1980 b. 1934 d. 1999 RIP
• Manuel "Manolin" Chinea (PDP, 1981-1993)
• Isabelo "Chabelo" Molina(PNP, 1993-2001)
•Juan "Mane" Cruzado(PPD, 2001-2002) resigned, Vice-Mayor Jose Colon assumed post.
• Jose Colon (PPD, 2002-2004)
• Isabelo "Chabelo" Molina (PNP, 2004-Present)

Economic Activity

Theeconomic activity is primarily the commerce and industries.

Places of interest
• Cerro Gordo Beach
• Bosque de la Vega (Forest of Vega Alta)
•Central Carmen Sugar Mill Smokestack (closed in 1945, smokestack still standing and preservation work done in 2001 to repair damage from lightning strike)
Vega Alta Town, Puerto Rico

Coat ofArms

It consists of three bars, the center one formed by a silver amphora from which a branch of lilies excels; it symbolizes the Inmaculada Concepción de María. The crown, indicates category of town,because it has three towers. In the shield there are two sugar cane stems, because this was product cultivated in the region.



It is divided vertically in seven stripes in theorder, colors, and proportions as described: the first (the immediate one to the mast) white (five modules); second: green (five modules); third: white (nine modules); sixth: green (five modules); andseventh: white (five modules.

Town Established Date
Vega Baja is known as "La Ciudad del Melao Melao" (syrup city). Vega Baja was founded in October 3, 1776 by Antonio Viera, with the name of"Vega-baxa del Naranjal de Nuestra Señora del Rosario".
Vega Baja is located in northern coast, north of Morovis; east of Manatí; and west of Vega Alta.
There are many well-known "vegabajeños", among...
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