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39 Laser Diodes Applications -
Laser Diodes Applications. Seeding of pulsed Nd:YAG and Nb-based lasers. Raman spectroscopy. Telecommunications. Hydrophony. Meteorology. Opthalmology. Seismology. Tumor therapy. Fiber laser pumping. Raman laser seeding. Metrology. Process monitoring. Directfrequency doubling. Remote sensing. Materials processing

Diode Laser Power Supplies
Sub-Table of Contents
Laser Diode Drive Requirements
Alternatives - Diode Laser Modules, Laser Pointers
Laser Pointers and Diode Laser Modules - The Low Stress Approach
Power Regulators in Laser Pointers
Laser Pointer with a Resistor for a Regulator
Substituting Batteries in Laser Pointers
Powering aLaser Pointer From an External Source
Blinking Laser Pointer or Diode Laser Module?

Integrated Circuits for Driving Laser Diodes
Laser Diode Drive Chips
Caution About Cheap Laser Diode Drivers
Comments on Some Commercial Drivers and Detectors

More on Laser Diode Characteristics and Drivers
Comments on Driver Education for Laser Diode Driver Designers
Variations in Laser Diode MonitorPhotodiode Current Sensitivity
Response Time of Laser Diode and Monitor Photodiode
Power Changes With Collimating Optics
Using an External Photodiode for Power Control
Driving High Power Laser Diodes

Testing Laser Diode Driver Circuits
Sam's Laser Diode Test Supply 1
Testing with a Laser Diode Simulator
Art's Laser Diode Simulator

Very Basic Laser Diode Power Supplies
Bare Bones LaserDiode Power Supply
Battery Power for Laser Diodes

Schematics of Laser Diode Power Supplies
Toshiba Discrete Laser Diode Power Supply (TO-LD1)
Laser Diode Power Supply 1 (RE-LD1)
Laser Diode Power Supply 2 (RE-LD2)
Laser Diode Power Supply 3 (RE-LD3)
Laser Diode Power Supply 4 (RE-LD4)
Sam's Laser Diode Driver (SG-LD1)
Modification of SG-LD1 for Common Cathode LD/PD (SG-LD2)
K3PGP'sLaser Diode Driver (K3-LD1)
Viacheslav's Laser Diode Driver (VS-LD1)
Laser Diode Driver from Cheap Red Laser Pointer 1 (LP-LD1)
Laser Diode Driver from Cheap Red Laser Pointer 2 (LP-LD2)
Laser Diode Driver from Cheap Red Laser Pointer 3 (LP-LD3)
Laser Diode Driver from Cheap Red Laser Pointer 4 (LP-LD4)
Laser Diode Driver from Cheap Red Laser Pointer 5 (LP-LD5)
Laser Diode Driver from IR LaserModule 1 (ILM-LD1)
Laser Diode Driver from Red Laser Module 1 (RLM-LD1)
Laser Diode Driver from Green Laser Pointer 1 (GLP-LD1)
Laser Diode Driver from Green Laser Pointer 2 (GLP-LD2)
Laser Diode Driver from Green Laser Pointer 3 (GLP-LD3)
Laser Diode Driver from Green Laser Pointer 4 (GLP-LD4)
Simple Laser Diode Power Supply
EU38 Low Cost Constant Current Laser Diode Driver
Super SimpleLaser Diode and TEC Driver
Constant Current Supply for High Power Laser Diodes
Sam's High Power Laser Diode Driver 1 (SG-DH1)
Tim's High Power Laser Diode Driver (TO-LD1)
Joshua's High Power Laser Diode Driver (JD-LD1)
Digitally Controlled Laser Diode Driver
Pulsed Laser Diode Drivers
Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIP Laser Diode Driver
Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIIP Laser Diode Driver
MoreLaser Diode Driver Schematics

Communications Systems Using Diode Lasers
Driver Enhancements to Provide Modulation Capability
Diode Laser Based Line-of-Sight Communicators

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Laser Diode Drive Requirements
The following must be achieved to properly drive a laser diode and not ruin it in shortorder:
Absolute current limiting. This includes immunity to power line transients as well as those that may occur during power-on and power-off cycling. The parameters of many electronic components like ICs are rarely specified during periods of changing input power. Special laser diode drive chips are available which meet these requirements but a common op-amp may not be suitable without...
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