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The verb TO BE in affirmative sentences. The verb to be in present simple has three forms: am, are and is. I He/She/It ____ am ____ is

We/You/they ____ are In informal English(colloquial and familiar), these forms appear in a contract form. Examples: Regular form I am a pupil You are a teacher We are here Contracted form I’m a pupil You’re a teacher We’re here

SUBJECT +TO BE+ REST OF SENTENCE The verb TO BE in negative sentences Negative sentences are formed by adding not after the verb to be. The contract form may be done in two ways: a. contracting subject+ to beb. contracting to be+ not Examples Regular form The cake is not ready I am not sick Contracted form The cake’s not The cake isn’t ready I’m not sick.

SUBJECT + TO BE+ NOT+ REST OF THE SENTENCEThe verb TO BE in subject Wh-questions. There are questions in which the interrogative particle (Wh-questions are sentences that start with a question, for example: Who, What, etc.) is the subject ofa sentence. Who is used with people and what with things. In this kind of questions verb usually goes in singular. Examples: John is at home ___ Who is at home? The pencil is in the case ___ What isin the case? WH-WORD+ TO BE+ REST OF THE SENTENCE

The verb TO BE in interrogative questions. When we make sentences with the verb to be the structure of the sentence changes: Subject and verb to bechange their position. Examples She is happy They are sad __ Is she happy? __ Are they sad?


2.THE VERB HAVE GOT The present simple of the verb have got inaffirmative has two forms: have and has. Examples I have got a brother. You have got a red shirt. She has got a garden.

The verb have got in negative, is formed by adding the particle not after theverb have or has. It normally appears in a contract form: Examples You haven’t got a dog. Grandma hasn’t got a big house. Andrew hasn’t got a car.

When we make interrogative sentences with the...
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