Villains. rasputin.

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Chapter 1

The childhood of Grigori Rasputin the was spent in a village in Siberia. His parents were farmers and worked hard.
When the summer came played in the outdoors with his sister Maria, and his brother Dimitri.
Maria a day playing in the river drowned, nobody knows how it happened, and But Rasputin was to blame for not monitor.
Another day was to play theforest and Dimitri drowned in the river, asked for help a man. He recovers but later died of pneumonia.
Gregory was the only child of his family.
Gregory discovered his powers, a day when to his father you robbed the horse, he said who it had stolen, and became a legend.
I married and had three children; I was driver a man he was studying as priest. Finally he convinced me to go to the monasteryand learn about Christianity.
After I visited a religious man, he said to me “You’ve got much to learn about the world, you must leave your wife, children and possessions, so I did.
One day came a priest and started talking with me the religion.
I watched the priest, I hypnotized him, and he wrote a letter to the church saying it I was a false prophet
And that evil was within me.

Chapter 2Rasputin one day receives a visit from the tsar's court, they came to ask for help because the son of Tsar was very ill and had hemophilia.
And I did so I was to the palace; the child was very pale but in a few evenings improved.
They trust my powers and in my, and increasingly I was making me more famous in Russia by my powers.
I saw the future and Tsar asked me for advice therefore Imade enemies.
One day some nobles entered the Tsar's court, they said I was causing much damage, but the Tsar said I was a very religious man and that was helping her son.

Chapter 3

They were difficult times for Russia, the War begins and people accused me of being unpatriotic and sometimes they attacked the palace of the tsar.
I decided to go to bless the Russian army, but they didn'ttrust me.
One day I dreamed that Russia wouldn't win, until the tsar took command of the army and he did.
in the palace were concerned about the tsar.
The war was very expensive and the Russian economy declined, people were not satisfied.
People were beginning to turn against the monarchy; people wanted a government of the people did not want to the Tsar.
People also said that the court wasinfluenced for me.
The church and the nobles pressured me to leave the court.
Yusupov and Purishkevich wanted to kill to Rasputin and so they did.

Chapter 4

Yusupov was responsible for the death of Rasputin, was not easy but finally got it. On 16 th December Yusupov invited Rasputin and several of my noble friends. We put poison in the wine and cake
We hid her body, but did not die. Myfriend shot him three times but was still alive, we beat him with sticks until he stopped moving, finally drowned in the river as their brothers. So justice was done.

Catherine de Medici

Chapter 1

Catherina de Medici was born in 1519 in Florence, their parents before birth they consulted an astrologer; he told them it would cause troubles in the family, and would have a difficult life. Theastrologer said that put me in a basket or send to me to a convent, they didn't anything. Shortly after birth my mother died of a plague and then my father.
I was heir to a rich and very rich family, I lived with my grandmother, she died, and I was alone.
Finally, a distant relative of my father helped me with the government and dealt with my, I was only eight years.
One day there was a rebellionagainst my family; the people were angry and attacked the palace. In the end they left my family, they wanted to kill me.
In the end not it killed me, but they were convinced that life with me in the palace was a danger and they took me to a convent
I was there five years and had a very strict education with the nuns.
Then I returned to the palace, but they wanted to kill me, they took me...
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