Virtual and physical reading

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Reading is something necessary in the academic and in the no academic life because reading gives us much information in every place, and also it gives us entertainment. Due to these reasons it is important to look for the best alternative in the reading time because nowadays virtual and physical reading is a problematic and polemic issue about which any reader hasto be informed, me, as a student who need reading and writing constantly, I need to select the best option to read first of all looking all the points of view, conditions, causes and consequences. We can find many possibilities if we want to read since in some moments we do not have money to buy a physical book, we can find it on internet; but both of these options have some implications in humanhealth, and ecology; not only the physical reading has problems, but virtual reading also can have it.
The dilemma is clear, virtual reading gives us ease to read and physical reading let us to enjoy reading moving us away from the technology and some distractions; both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Then, what is the best option? As a result of overuse of resources have developed manyproblematic situations in the human health, ecology and industrialization, in some moment all of those resources would collapse making us more difficult and expensive the acquisition of literature and another kind of readings; additionally, those problems would increase the laziness within the society due to short supply of literature.
When we are reading (informative topics) we look forreadings which give us complete information in few words due to lack of time to read, for example the social network Twitter which is based in short messages or micro blogging due to this just let to the writer to write maximum 140 characters, that is why the information is brief and concise, that is a good option for whom need fast information wherever. Despite of the briefly of information like this,virtual reading has disadvantages to. As a result of excessive reading in these kind of technological artifacts human health could be seriously damaged; a meta-analysis showed that the use of monitors by pregnant women represents high risk of spontaneous abortion or low weight at baby’s birth (Parazzini, F., Luchini, L., La Vecchia, C. & Crosignani, P. G. Video display terminal use duringpregnancy and reproductive outcome meta-analysis. J Epidemiol Community Health. 1993 Aug; 47(4): 265-8.). Other researchers concluded that the vision problems are most frequents in those monitors users, this problem has the following symptoms: tension or eye fatigue, irritation, burning, redness, blurred or double vision. These ailments are increasing quickly based on investigations which have shownthat 90% of people who uses implements as computers, tablets, and technological products like these, during most of three hours at day; they have these kind of symptomatology (Blehm, C., Vishnu, S., Khattak, A., Mitra, S. & Yee, R. W. Computer vision syndrome: A review. Survey of Ophthalmology. 2005; 50(3): 253-262.). Since that discovering, some scientists called this syndrome as CVS(computer vision syndrome). (Mocci, F., Serra, A. & Corrias, G. A. Psychological factors and visual fatigue in working with video display terminals. Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2001 Apr; 58(4): 267-271.). In addition, the excessive use of these objects causes asthenopia (a set of illnesses: Fatigue, ocular discomfort, tearing and headache) (Houston, C. A., Jones, D. & Weir, C. R. Anunusual cause of asthenopia: "pseudo accommodative insufficiency" associated with a high AC: A ratio. British Journal of Ophthalmology. 2000; 84(12): 1432.).
Many people think that to prevent these kinds of sicknesses it is better to read physical texts which have the advantage of versatility since technological objects as tablet, laptop, etc.; frequently are stolen by thief due to them high...
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