Technical and physical phenomena 3

Elena Moreno Gómez de Barreda Academie year 2010-2011

Technical and physical phenomena 3

Experiment: floating and sinking.
# Question: What will happenif you put an egg in a glass of water? And what will happen if we put an egg in a glass of water with salt?
# Hypothesis: You have to write here, that you think will happen with each egg.
#Experiment: For do the experiment you have to do... **You need: 3 big glasses, one egg, water and salt. 1. Fill two glasses of water. 2. Throw in one of them salt gradually. Stirring with a spoon, try todissolve as much as possible. 3. Place the egg in the glass that has only water. 4. Now, put it in the glass in which you have dissolved the salt. 5. In the third glass, put the egg and water until itcovers and a little more. Add water with salt, you already have, until you get the eggs are on the fence (neither floats nor sinks). 6. Now, you add at this time a little water, then add a little saltwater, again add water and so on.
# Result: The egg is intoduce in the glass of water, will sink. The egg is inserted into the glass of salt water will float. In the third glass, the egg will staybetween the two waters. if you enter after salt water will float, if you go to get water without salt, it will sink and so on.
# Scientific explanation: On the egg, two forces act, their weight (theforce which pulls the Earth) and the thrust (the force that makes up water.) If the weight is greater than the push, the egg sinks. Otherwise fleet and if they are equal, it is between two stools. The drive gets a body in a fluid depends on three factors: • • • Liquid density The volume of the body is immersed Gravity

Adding salt to the water, get a liquid denser than pure water, whichmakes the drive gets the egg is larger and exceeds the weight of the egg: the egg floats.
Experiment: Electricity
# Question: In this experiement going to ride a circuit to see what materials are... [continua]

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