Virus papiloma humano

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Personal Mission Statement

My dad is the person who has a positive influence on my life.
He is persistent, always struggling to get what he wants;he always had his goals clear.
He always knew what he wants to be when he grows up.
And now he is everything he wanted to be, he reached his goalsand he became in a great civil engineer, but he keeps studying and getting better on his work. His life is all about us, my sister, my brother, his wifeand me, we are the first on his life, and he works for us. He is the best dad on the world.
I thing I am a little bit like him, I know what I want tobecome, I have my goals clear,
I want to be the best at what I am doing.

I want to become in a professional, be a great Doctor, or chemical engineer(my second option). Be the best on it, if I am a doctor, I want to have my own Clinic. I want to have a big family, be happy, don’t feel repentance aboutsomething I did in the past, and just think I did the right thing.
I want to know a lot of languages, like Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese.Also I want to keep my friends.

What is important to me today is my family, have a good relations with my parents, my friends, all the people Iknow.
Have good grades, enjoy every single day of my life.
For me it is important living the present, as it comes, learn from my mistakes and keep going,trying to do everything the best I can.
The music is important too, because is the reality told in different ways,
It lets me think and get relax.
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