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Brewery: factory for make beer. cerveceria.
Slash: cut, reduce. recortar, reducir
Pitching: when you show for first time some product. lanzamiento.
Conveyor chain: something useful for deliverobjects. banda transportadora
Toasted: celebrated. brindar por. Tostar.
Drought: when there isn’t water. Sequia.
Quench: satisfaction, fill. Satisfacer, saciar.
Harvest: what farmer grow. Cosecha.Thoughtful: that thinks in others. Considerado.
Ruthless: despiadado.
Flatter: say many good thing about something or someone. Adular.
Flattery: adulacion.
Barely: escasamente.
Despise: feeldislike for something. Despreciar.
Fulfilled: make dreams or goal come true. Cumplir sueños.
Seize: take benefit of opportunities. aprovechar.
Momentum: keep things moving forward. impulso.
Affordable:that anybody can reach at it. Asquible.
Lack: that doesn’t have something. Carecer.
Reckoning: ajuste de cuentas.
Withdrawing: when you stop to work. Retiro.
Reluctane: when you quiet job.Renuncia.
Wealth: your money. Riqueza.
Stingy: cheapskate. Tacaño
Sharply: fuertemente.
Purchase: buy. Adquirir.
Purchasing: adquisitivo.
Conversely: viceversa.
Wide: ancho, amplio.
Nevertheless: no obstante.
Tide: atar
Whereas: thinking that. considerando que.
Rather: very. Bastante.
Eager: ancioso.
Anxious: anciedad.
Gain: ganacia.
In spite of: a pesar de
Steady: flat. Constante.
Loyal: leal.
Assessed: tested. Evaluado.
Broad: wide. Amplio
Rely: have confidence. confiar.
Trend: tendencies. Tendencias.
Fussy: quisquillozo.
Stare:see. mirar fijamente.
Stares: mira.
Harass: acosar.
Stem cells: células madre.
Bleak: sombrio.
Claims: reclamaciones.
Get rid of: remove.
Unfold: begin. desplegar.
Weak: no strong. debil.Weird: extraño.
Feeble: weak.
Drawn out: extender.
Unberarably: insoportable.
Approach: come closer, focus. acercamiento, enfoque.
Dean: decano.
Aim: objective. Proposito.
Encourage: support....
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