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18. the parts of the small intestine (start with the parts closest to the stomach) are:

duodenum, jejunum , ileum
duodenum, ileum , jejunum
ileum, jejunum , duodenum
ileum, duodenum ,jejunum

19. cual de los siguientes enunciados is false regarding absorption in the small intestines.

villi increase the surface area of the intestinal wall to increase absorption.
monosaccharides,amino acids, fatty acids and glycerol can be absorbed by the villi
fat molecules enter from the lacteals of the villi
all of the above is true

20. cual of the following enunciados is falseregarding the function of the large intestines?

the only important secretion is mucous
feces are formed and stored here
main absorption is water and electrolytes
digestive activity remain high inthe large intestines

21. which of the following is not a source of carbohydrates?

amino acids

22. which of the following concerning lipids is false?lipids are organic compounds that supply energy
lipids are used to build cell structures
all lipids contain fat-soluble vitamins
metabolism of triglycerides is controlled predominately by liverand adipose tissues

23. some of the functions of proteins include

serves as structural material and act as enzymes
provide energy
a and by
none of the above

24. the digestive enzymepepsin secreted by gastric glands begins the digestion of


25. which of the following enzymes is present in secretions of the mouth, stomach and pancreas?


26. carbohydrates are ingested in such foods as

meat and seafoods
bread and pasta
butter and margarine

27. glucose can be stored as glycogen in theblood plasma
connective tissue

28. carbohydrates are acted on by

peptidases, trypsin and chymotrypsin
amylase, maltase, and chymotrypsin
peptidases, lipases and...
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