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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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Electronic Voucher Manual

Steps to access the voucher online:
1. Go to the Trustee Website (www.ch13sju.com).
2. Enter the main menu and clickLogin Page.
3. When you enter the page please input your username and password previously obtained from the Trustee. [pic]
*If you not have ausername or password please contact the System Administrator of Alejandro Oliveras’ Office. (hgarcia@ch13sju.com)
4. When you enter your account you willaccess the Electronic Report page.

5. To create a voucher online click Electronic Voucher.
6. When you click the Electronic voucher adisplay will prompt you to enter the disbursement date clicking on the calendar icon. Then click Submit button to create the voucher for the date that you aresearching.
*If you do not know the disbursement date you can find it at http://www.ch13sju.com/calendar.asp

7. When the report iscreated it will display case number, amount of disbursement, check number, your system ID and your claim amount.
8. Tools of the Voucher reports.
Click here access Login Page

Click here to display the disbursement dates.

Click here if you want to export the report toExcel, Word and text format.

Will display your different accounts that you may have with us.

Click if you want to create a PDF file with your report.

Goto last page of the report

Go to next page of the report

Manually enter page of the report

Find a specific word in the report

Zoom the report
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