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How to construct the passive.
     How to construct the passive.
            1.  Check to see if the active sentence contains an object.
                        John ate an apple.         (S VO)            Passive is possible.
                        John ate yesterday.       (S V)                Passive is not possible.
            2.  Move the object to the front of the sentence.  Putthe original subject in a "by" phrase .
                        An apple (V) by John.
            3.  Put the verb in the form "be" +3 (of main verb)*
                        An apple "be" eatenby John.
            4.  Put the "be" in the same tense as the original active sentence.
                        An apple was/were eaten by John.  ( past tense)
            5.  Make the firstverb agree with the new subject.
                        An apple was eaten by John.
            (Put other elements of the sentence in grammatical and logical order.)
Yesterday the large greenapple was quickly eaten by John, who didnТt realize that it belonged to his sister.
When other (auxiliary) verbs and modals are used in combination with the passive, remember:                                                                        be + 3*              (Passive)
                                                            be + V ing                     (Progressive)                                                have + 3                                   (Perfect)
                                    modal + 1                                             (Modal)
            The apple         should  have     been     being   eaten by John.
Combination of auxiliary verbs with the passive.
                                                                        be + 3              (Passive)                                                            be + V ing                     (Progressive)
                                                have +...
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