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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2012
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Gvox VST Player README

Encore now has a Virtual Studio Technology host so you may use the VST instruments you already own.

Currently, in order to interface with Encore 5 onWindows, you will need to install a virtual MIDI cable, such as the MIDI Yoke freeware driver. Follow the instructions provided by the driver to install.

Once installed, Encorewill see the new busses created by the interface.

Here is the step by step using MIDI Yoke and GVOX VST Player:

+ install MIDIYoke http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm
+ installVST plugins to C:\\Program Files\Common Files\VST\
+ launch Encore
+ choose Midi Setup from the Setup Menu
+ set MIDI Output Port(s) to MIDIYoke 1
+ make sure MIDI Record Portis NOT set to MIDIYoke 1
(otherwise, you will create a dreaded MIDI feedback loop!)
+ launch the VST Player from either the Score menu
or the MIDI Device/InstrumentSettings window,
or from the Encore folder in the Windows Start Menu
- select desired VST in first popup menu
- set MIDI port to MIDIYoke 1

Youshould now be able to return to Encore and all MIDI output will be sent to the VST Player.

Other things about GVOX VST Player
+ Setup button: allows you to:
- changevarious audio settings
- choose a folder to look for VST plugins
(if you do not want to use Program Files\Common Files\VST\ )
+ Recording button: allows you to:
- specifiy awav file to record to
- start and stop recording
- montior and change output gain to the recording
+ view buttons: opens the plugin's edit settings window, if supported
+ youcan run 4 modules different plugins simultaneously
+ each module lets you change, reset, and view output gain
+ all previous settings are restored when launching the VST Player
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