War god's

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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Uppercut: D+HP
Leg Sweep: B+LK
Roundhouse: B+HK
Throw: F+LP (when close)
Shove: BL,BL
Evasive Get Up: B+BL (while on the ground)
Get Up Attack: F+HP+LP (while getting up)
Run: F,F
Pounce Attack: U+HP (while opponent is down)
3D Jump: hold 3D+BL U or D
3D Walk: hold 3D U or D
3D Slide: hold 3D U,U or D,D

Ring Finishers: Uppercut D+HP Roundhouse hold 3D B+HKWARHEAD

Cannonball: B,F,HK+LK
Skull Cracker: F,B,HP (when close, tap HP for more hits)
Missile: D,B,LP
3D Missiles: hold 3D D,B,LP
Shockwave: hold 3D B,U,F,HP

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,HP,LP,LP,LK,LK,HK,HK,LP
Combo Breaker: 3D,B,B,F,HP

Fatality: F,D,B,HK (half ring)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


Sword Flurry: F,F,HP+LP (tap HP+LP for more hits)
Dragon Blade:D,F,HP
Blade Spread: hold 3D D,F,HP or LP
Short Dragon Breath: B,F,LP
Medium Dragon Breath: B,B,F,LP
Long Dragon Breath: B,B,B,F,LP
Dragon Staff: F,D,B,HP,LP,LK
Ground Flames: B,D,F,LK

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,HK,LP,LP,HK+LK,B,D,F
Combo Breaker: 3D,U,D,U,LK

Fatality: B,D,F,HK+LK (sweep)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


The Blender: D,B,HP
Ground Laser: B,D,F,LP (can bedone in air)
Overhead Laser: hold 3D B,U,F,HP
Teleport: D,B,LK
Orbiter: B,B,LP (up to 4 orbs at once) Throw Orbs HP+LP

13 Hit Combo: B,F,HK,F,D,B,HP,HP,LP,LP
Combo Breaker: 3D,D,U,HP+LK

Fatality: B,B,HP (half ring)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HK


Takenstiener: F,B,HP (when close)
Overhead Throw: F,B,LP (when close) Backbuster U,D,D
Rock Crush: D,B,HP
Boulder: D,F,LPEarthquake: hold 3D B,U,F,LK

9 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,LP,LP,LK,LK,HP,HP,HK
Combo Breaker: 3D,B,F,HP

Fatality: B,D,F,LP+HK (close)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


Leg Wrap: F,F,HK
Lightning Bolt: D,B,HP
Teleport: D,D,LK
Skeleton Hold: B,D,F,LP
Leg Copter: D,F,HK+LK (tap HK+LK for more hits, move with joystick)

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,HK,HP,HK,HK,HK,LK,LK,HP
ComboBreaker: B,B,B,F,HK+LK

Fatality: B,F,LP (half ring)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


Shield Charge: B,F,HK+LK
Shield Bash: D,B,LP
Axe Impale: B,B,HP
Axe Toss: D,F,LP
3D Axe Toss: hold 3D D,F,LP
Skull Snapper: F,D,B,HP
Sword Slice: B,F,HP
Double Sword Slice: hold LP F,B,HP

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,LK,LK,D+HP,LP,LP,HP,B,D,F
Combo Breaker: 3D,D,B,LK

Fatality: F,F,LK (close)
3DCombo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


The Hammer: D,F,LP
Hammer Slam: hold 3D U,D,LP
Hammer Throw: D,B,HP
Grab & Noogie: F,F,HP (when close, tap HP for more hits)
Net: B,F,HP+LP
Headbutt: B,F,LP (when close, tap LP for more hits)

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,LP,F,F,LK,LP,HP,HP,LP,B,D,F,LP
Combo Breaker: F,F,HP+LP

Fatality: hold 3D F,F,HP+LP (close)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3DB,F,HP


Clothesline: F,F,HK+LK
Dagger Stab: D,F,LP
Sword Swipe: D,B,HP Overhead Slash F,F
Blow Dart: B,F,HP
2 Blow Darts: B,B,F,HP
3 Blow Darts: B,B,B,F,HP
Sungate: D,U,LK
Sunburst: B,F,LP

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HK,LK,HK,LP,LP,HP,HP,HP,HK
Combo Breaker: F,B,F,B,HK+LK

Fatality: hold 3D U,D,U,HK (close)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HK


Grab & Slap:F,B,LP (when close, tap LP for more hits)
High Dethwing: D,B,HP
Low Dethwing: D,B,LP
Bone Rain: hold 3D B,U,F,HP
Teleport: B,F,LK
Snakefist: B,B,LP
Spinning Claws: D,F,HP+LP (tap HP+LP for more hits, move with

12 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,HK,HP,LK,LK,LP,LP,HK,HP
Combo Breaker: F,D,B,HP+LP

Fatality: B,F,LP (half ring)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


Horn Charge:F,D,B,HK+LK
Staff Sweep: D,B,LK (tap F,F for more hits)
Staff Axe: D,F,HK
Staff Bolt: D,F,HP
Telestaff: B,F,LK
Pyramid: D,B,LP

10 Hit Combo: B,F,HP,HK,HP,LP,BL,F,F,B,F,HK+LK
Combo Breaker: 3D,B,U,F,HK

Fatality: F,D,B,HP+LK (half ring)
3D Combo Finish: hold 3D B,F,HP


At Title screen, press Right, Right, Right, B, B, A, A
The announcer will say "All...