Water industry in romania

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(Water industry)

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May 19st, 2011

Academic Year 2010/2011 Spring Semester
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Introduction 2
What water industry do? 2
Water system in Romania 3
Financing of infrastructure projects 4
SWOT Anaysis of water industry 5
Porter five forces 7
PEST analysis 8
Conclusions 11


Water industry of Romania is a potential interesting business. In this project we focus in analyze the Romania water industrysector and try to show that is a interesting business to invest.
The availability of Potable water and the state of water infrastructure in the world economy becomes increasingly important as population increases and scarcity of water resources.
It is essential to work to provide a sufficient amount of water that allows us to develop, and that in turn has an adequate quality, compatible withhuman health and capable of achieving good environmental status of rivers and aquifers, so that maximize the potential uses and to ensure the maintenance and improvement of all the associated ecosystems. But it also generates water flooding, so it should be also need work to minimize the risk of flooding.

What water industry do?

The water industry is dedicated to distribution ,water treatmentsplants, sewerage network…
The operations to be developed under this key area of intervention are the following activities:

• Construction/modernization of water sources intended for drinking water abstraction;
• Construction/rehabilitation of water treatment plants;
• Extension/rehabilitation of water and sewerage networks;
• Construction/upgrading of wastewater treatment plants;• Construction/rehabilitation of sludge treatment facilities;
• Metering, laboratory equipment, leakage detection equipment, etc.;
The water industry have the aim of improve the standards of municipal water and wastewater services by :
• Increase the population covered by municipal waste collection and management services
• Reduce the quantity of land filled waste
• Increase the quantity ofrecycled and reused waste
• Set up efficient waste management structures
• Reduce the number of historically contaminated sites
Water system in Romania

• Water availability is 1700 m3/habitant year and in CEE m3/habitant is 4000 per year (average).

• Water Quality:

Surface water :

- 8.7% highly contaminated
- 39.7% heavily contaminated
- 42.1% moderately contaminated- 9.4% low contamination

Sewage :

- water to be purified only 29% met the required quality.

• The network of water collection and water distribution and sewerage networks and treatment are inadequate due to the age (poor maintenance etc ....)

• This situation produces lack of drinking water in some areas and loss managing. Values ​​in leakage losses of 24.2% aprx. Values ​​reach 50% in cities...
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