Weeds in hazelbrook

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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Research Done on The Weeds that Affect The Bush Land in Hazelbrook


Manuel Perdomo Ochoa Topic
Are weeds a problem in Hazelbrook?
Why did I chose weeds?
I want to know what was the damage done on the bush that surrounds Hazelbrook by weeds and how weeds reproduce. Also I live right by the bushland so anything that weeds do to the bushland affects me. My mum and I have a gardenand we’ve always worked a fair bit in there and whenever I go down there I always think, “if weeds are so damaging here, how damaging are they in the bushland.”
I have always been interested in the growth of weeds and how they survive and how they spread and why there considered a pest. I find doing “are weeds in Hazelbrook?” much more interesting than doing: “is graffiti a problem in Hazelbrook?”or “is the deforestation of trees to build the highway a problem in hazelbrook?”

Steps that I need to go through to complete the investigation “are weeds a problem in hazelbrook?”
I read about the weeds in the local area on internet.
I do a brainstorm of the questions that, I need to ask to the three people that I am going to interview over the phone and arrange when and whereI am going to meet them.
2. I make the calls and interviewed the people with the questions I had brain-stormed and arranged where we were going to meet.
Then we packed the necessary tool we need to weed, a book to take down things that they said with a couple of more questions and a camera.
We drive to Horse Shoe Falls where we meet the council worker and her group that works with her everymonth. She will help us and give us information in the correct process of removing weeds. We will take a photos of weeds.
Back at home we will organise the notes and will investigate more on weeds.
We will pack the equipment we need to weed and drive out to Burgess Falls. There we will meet the other council worker and she will show me around separately some of the weeds that grow there. We willtake a more photos.
Came back home, researched some more into weeds around Burgess Falls and organised the information.
We will check in our own back and front yard.
Then we will get the conclusions and decide if weeds are a problem in Hazelbrook.
Then we write the bibliography and proofread.

Geographic tools used when completing my assignment:
Laptop, small booklet, street directory, pens,pencils and camera.

Research Findings

Horse Shoe Falls Area
Questionnaire done to Morag Ryder about weeds in Horse Shoe Falls Area

Are weeds killing native bush land in the local area? Yes, the plants that are affected most are shrubs and long grass.
What kinds of weed are in the Horse shoe falls? Around 100 kind of varieties.
Can u mention some? Tradescantia and coreopsis.
Howare they being killed? Weeds are killed by different methods for example digging them out and spreading them.
Are weeds effecting humans? Not directly but indirectly, weeds have negatives effects on bush and if we thing that we depend on the bush ...
How were the weeds brought here? A large number of them escaped form the garden. Many were brought after the Boar wars, for example the grassbrought to feed horses during the trips back to Australia.
On a scale one to ten how damaging are the weeds in Horse Shoe Reserve Falls? If nothing is done 60% of this area would be infested but, with the work of the volunteers it is kept to only 20%.
Where are they spread in Hazelbrook? In the back yards and where the back yards touch the bushland.
Do the weeds need a lot of water? Some of them dolike to grow around water like the montbretia and tradescantia, while other weeds are found every where, like coreopsis and broom, a big shrub with yellow flowers.
Do some of the animals eat weeds? Wallabies do though it doesn't seem to hurt them
Do the wallabies help to spread the weeds? The weeds stick to the wallabies in their fur but not in their excrement.
What is the biggest problem with...
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