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Oxfam is a global organization that aims to fight poverty. It achieves this aim with campaigns,
sustainable development work and emergency aid. To help support the ongoing progress of Oxfam,
funds are raised partly by the 700 charity shops around the UK. The shops rely solely on donations
from members of the public and the work of volunteers. I work with a team of local people thatvolunteer in one of these shops. As volunteers, it is our responsibility to ensure the efficient running of
the shop, sort methodically through donations and stock, pricing appropriately and act as
representatives for Oxfam.

1. Commercial Awareness
When writing about Commercial Awareness, please bear in mind that you should be commenting on the organisation not just the department in whichyou work.
Within your response please include answers to the following questions:
1. What does the organisation do?
2. How does your role contribute/fit in to the organisation?
3. Who are the organisation's key competitors OR what are the key issues currently facing the organisation?
APoint is an independent financial advisory firm, they provide financial advice to their clients. In thisparticular field (investment management) you have to know your competitors, because you need to get more clients in order for the firm to grow. They compete against Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, local banks and some other local investment branches in Houston and San Antonio. As an intern I was able to develop a connection with the client and analyze the economic information which would be appliedto the models that were shown to clients and see if they were interested in the current investment portfolios rather than our competitors.
Communication skills
I was daily tested on the economic situation and explain my thoughts about current political and economical affairs that might affect the performance of the portfolios of that day. Communication skills was essential for this role, becauseI needed to explain to my employers what was going in the world in a day to day basis and as for clients I needed to express myself efficiently and clearly in order for them to understand my financial advice and explain them how their portfolios were doing whenever there was a portfolio review with the clients.

Analytical and
• Commercial awareness • Leadership
• Communication skills(written and oral) • Negotiation skills
• Confidence and assertiveness • Networking
• Creativity and initiative • Numeracy and IT / computer literacy
• Decision making • Planning, organising and time management
• Drive and determination • Pro-activity and commitment
• Enthusiasm and willingness to learn • Problem solving
• Flexibility and adaptability • Self-management
• Initiative andmotivation • Teamwork
• Interpersonal skills • Occupation specific skills
Although my time in Apoint was short I was able to get along with the members of the firm and we were able to work together; I briefly helped one of the members of the firm to develop a new model for the firm. Every day I had to keep up with a reading list of the articles that will help me out with the economicanalysis of the day, I organize my time to get the reading done and the summaries too. All the research, reading and analysis helped me meet the deadline of the final assignment.

Being able to listen and to seek advice when it comes to new investments and valuations portfolios. Being able to work as a team to bring new clients to the firm and when writing and presenting a financial report toothers.

Numeracy and IT/Computer literacy
The use of financial platforms is a necessary tool for every financial advisor, the ability of using these platforms correctly and analyse what the data is showing will help you to be more efficient and enhance your problem solver abilities.
I had to be able to understand certain type of financial equations and learned number manipulation to compute...
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