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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2009
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La guillotina



The guillotine was the machine used to apply the death penalty by beheading in several European countries including France, Belgium, Sweden, the formerFederal Republic of Germany, the former German Democratic Republic and some Swiss cantons. Their use began in France in 1789.

Also used to refer to systems that use a similar mechanism, such as sashwindows, vertical opening, a paper cutter pressure, or the system regulating the flow of air to the engine used in competition and alternative to butterfly valve engines common in the street.

Themachine began to be called "guillotine", by Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin, although it should be clear that he was not the inventor of this device. The guillotine, as was used during the revolution, wasinvented by Schmidt and clairin blacksmiths, and tested with some carneritos by Dr. Louis. As a deputy in the French Constituent Assembly, Dr. Guillotin proposed the use of machinery to carry out theexecutions. So, as it was he who suggested the use of the device, the machine began to be named by your surname. It is also false comment on his death guillotined, died at his home in 1814.
The work isdone to recognize and reflect on the creativity that is the man to destroy yourself, this machine used the example of torture, which is explained later in this paper we find some activities that havemore of history of this machine, are also images of the operation of this in the old parties and that this machine was composed.

The work is done to recognize and reflect on the creativity that isthe man to destroy yourself, watching from various points of view, the cause that is used to destroy another human being, regardless of Rogic neither love toward human beings are machine is used asan example of torture, which is explained later in this work are some activities which are related to the origin and life of this cruel machine, also has images of the operation of this in ancient...
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