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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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To lots of people Cancun is synonymous of party, and sun everyday….and Cancun is more than that, it’s you turquoise water in one of the greatest beaches in theworld, the best restaurants, exclusive malls , wild clubs and lots of culture.

Just 40 years ago there was nothing but a long white sand virgin island betweensea and lagoon. But today, its sophisticated infrastructure, its tourist services of first level and diversity of its attractions together with a natural andcultural wonder has turned into the most important tourist destination in Mexico and one of the ten most popular destinations in the world to receive an average offive million visitors a year.

Cancun has grown in the lasts two decades from a tiny jungle village into one of the world´s best known holiday resorts. The Mexicangovernment invested huge amount of money into landscaping, infrastructure and develop roads, drinkable tap water and great number of sandy beaches.

Situatedin the state of Quintana Roo on the peninsula of Yucatán, the ancient and mystical culture of Mayans once traveled this area and lived here thousands of years ago.Before the Spanish Conquistadors arrived, they built many magnificent temples that you can see today like Chichenitza, or the Meco.

Mexican people we´re veryfestive individuals more local people in Cancun, many of our traditions and culture date back to the time of the Mayans, we have many celebrations throughout theyear; if you´re visiting Cancun during any of this celebrations you will love all the parades, decorations, and the atmosphere that abounds during these holidays.
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