What is sociology of everyday life what

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2012
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sociology is not a cluster of theories that are used just to think
the macro (state, structure, equipment status,institution) and is not
a science of human relationships in functionalist terms, but we
used to go shredding the social events, explain micro phenomena
as the profound events of our social relations,that with
much theoretical and thought, so this would be the "watch"
our daily lives.

Daily life if, as Heller says is the mirror of history, then it is
the wealth of society, ie the essenceof how we can explain what
surreptitiously what is above and understand the root, observe life
every day is to understand the reason for my never-ending behaviors through the
why I think in certainsituations differently, of why I act
differently at a funeral and in a few minutes to address the party am
different. Everyday life is our being divided into the millimeter
different roles thatmake our modus vivendi. Check daily life is
"Get" in the modus dwellings, of individuals, is to unravel what
apparently normal and realize realize that there is a system
social haunts you with a setof rules to comply, or that forces you to
diminish your sense of wonder. The study is to understand the everyday
the knots that keep the social network. Finally all this with a purpose
highlydefined, reflecting the extent to which everyday life makes it easy
an individual to be free and you can design your life plan. That is,
revolutionize our daily lives and to promote or present viewsdifferent behaviors and commitments of their own, they could (because
say), go about building a stronger daily and full of prospects
individual and social.

There is therefore an interesting task forthe sociologist, life scan
daily, to give a categorical sense, to discover and propose. When
talks about the crisis of the social sciences and especially sociology to
apparently reduced their...
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