What is your negociation style

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What’s your negotiation style?

- You can raise money by borrowing/taking out an overdraft
Borrow = emprunter
To take out an overdraft = avoir un découvert
To raise money =avoir l’argent de la banque
- No matter how good the first offer, haggle/negotiate/bargain and try to get more
- The asking/list/book prices is the initial prices that goods or services areoffered at
- A ploy is a synonym for a tactic but the connotation is that it is underhand and slightly deceptive.
Ploy= negative strategy
Opening gambit = kind of game
- In-House manufacturingof components can be more expensive than buying them from a supplier.
Out-sourcing = subcontract =sous traitance
- A long shot is a metaphor that comes from sport but it is used in to describetaking a risk that only has a small chance of paying off.
- To call the bluff of somebody in a game of poker is to match their stake because you think they are bluffing.
- You want to sellfor $120 and I want to buy for $100. Let’s split the different.
- Shipping agent deals with the transport of goods, normally overseas
Shipping agent = transporteur
- A letter of credit is aletter written by a bank authorizing another bank to pay someone an amount/load of money.

Aristotle and rhetoric
Greek philosopher
Art of persuasion
• You can appeal to our sense of goodwill orpractical wisdom
• You can get away with a lot = to do something wrong but you don’t get caught
• He must have gleaned useful information
• Here is an example of ethos at work = in practice
•Often this is the last resort if all else fails
• In other words, the heart has reasons that the mind knows not of.
• Scorn, to make an audience mock a stupidity = mépris
• Soothing words for comfort• A premise is a statement of evidence
• It works best when the negotiator uses them together.

Goal of argumentative writing is to persuade your audience that your ideas are valid

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