What makes a workplace great & what would make it better?

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What makes a workplace great & what would make it better?
It’s a question frequently asked by the employers nowadays. However, most of the times it`s just a merepublicity stunt or a catch in order for the rest of the people to consider them as a company who really cares about the wellbeing and satisfaction of their employees. Since 2006 the Mexican magazine“Expansion” and in the last couple of years “The Great Place to Work Institute” have surveyed Mexican companies in order to rank them and decide which the best places to work in are.
In order for thesesurveys to be efficient and trustable they are formulated in such a way and order to analyze facts as: wage/work ratio, work environment, work policies, internal communication, and personal careergrowth/development, and so on. The 80% of the outcome relies on the employee opinion, the 20% on the company’s statistics and overall performance on the specific market they belong to. Sadly, some bigcompanies don’t accept this type of benchmarking.
Mexico has a high percentage of young workers. Most of the times the average Mexican starts working in order to help and support their family, they startworking because the have to not because they want to. Taking in consideration the job opportunities in Mexico, the employers take advantage of this need. In order to be selected as one of the top...
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