What i believe

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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2010
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What I believe?
I believe in music, not music as a thing or a fact, music as a language.
I think music is one of the most important art expressions, is a universal way to say hi, all thecultures had believed in music a long time ago, from the drum beats in Africa to the more complex electronic music in the occidental side of the world, sometimes the music is slow and beautiful, andsometimes is hard and noisy, it just depends of your mood, I like to listen almost all kinds of music, I like rock, reggae, ska, rock and roll, country, etc. I believe that music can make you feel everythingand the most important belief that I have, music can let you know the people better, and know how a person is, or how is he going to act, because music is a universal language.
Personally I have alot of experiences with the music, one of them was when I meet for first time whom is right now my step father, when mom came home saying that we were going to move another place I said “what?” andshe said “ho, you’re gonna like it” and I meet this guy whom I didn’t know anything, but soon we start to talk about music, he said that he liked the rock and roll and I said “me too”, he start to namesome groups and bands, and I start to recognize them, he was talking about ccr (credence Clearwater revival), deep purple, led zeppelin, black Sabbath, the Beatles, and I was crazy about those bands, I remember that I said, I think this is a nice guy, and now mom and him are married and they have a five year old son, that is my brother, I love my brother, and my step father has been more thanthat for me, he took the place of my mom’s husband, and he taught me almost all what he knew, he is a contractor and thanks to him I’m thinking to be a civil engineer.
Even if there are people whodon’t like music, I’m still thinking, the music can let you see the things in other ways, ways that may be you would never see without it, listen to music is one of the best things that a human being...
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