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WHERETO Template
What do the students already know?
Where are they headed?
What can they expect?
What are the standards for assessment State then results expected at the beginningHave students participate in a mini semminar\essential
Have students complete an initil journal entry on the unit
Ask students to do a think pair share
Video tape students at thebeginning of the lesson eeach giving expectation of the unit
Have students create a visual organizer to asses prior knowledge\
Checking or other diadnossis


How will the design hookand hold student interest through engaging and thought-provoking activities?
issues, oddities, problems, challenges] that point toward big ideas, essential questions, and performancetasks?
Engage students I a relevant up front simulation

Explore key ideas, equip students for success, prepare students for authentic performance tasks.
What instruction is neededto EQUIP students for the final performance[s]?
Rethink, revisit, refine, and reflect on learning as well as the big ideas and understandings. How will you guide students in REVISING &REFINING their work based on feedback and self-assessment? REHEARSING for their final performance?
How will students exhibit their understanding and how will they be guided toself-evaluate?
How will you guide them in self-EVALUATION to identify the strengths/weaknesses in their work and set future goals?
How do I tailor the unit to meet the learning needs andinterests of my students through differentiated content, process, and product?
How will the work be TAILORED to individual needs, interests, brain dominances, modes of learning, styles,and intelligences?

How do I organize the unit effectively to maximize student engagement and learning? [sequence, integration, horizontal & vertical articulation, continuity, etc]