White fang

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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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he story begins in the forest of Canada with two men and their sledge dog team. The men, Bill and Harry met with a large pack of starving wolves over the course of several days. The dogsdisappeared and the wolf pack came nearer every day, the men were very scared. Bill decided to kill one of the wolves, he chased the animal in the forest; in the camp Harry was waiting for his friend, he heardthree shoots and he knew that Bill had ran out of bullets. Harry took the sled and went away into the forest. The wolves recaptured him, so he made a circle of fair and got inside it. Six men rescuedhim.
A she-wolf was the first that heard the shouts of the men and the others wolves followed her. Running at the forefront of the pack was a large gray wolf -- one of its several leaders. On herother side ran a gaunt old wolf, grizzled and marked with the scars of many battles. He ran always on her right side. Next to the old dog was a little wolf that only was 3 years old.
One day these 3wolves fought, for the she- wolf, the oldest wolf won. He paired with her and then they became parents of 5 cubs. One was different from his brothers and sisters; he was gray like his father, he wasan authentic wolf. Time later, a drought came to the forest killing the old wolf and the cub’s brothers. The she-wolf had to find food for herself and her cub. The cub wasn’t quiet he explored theentire cave where he was born and one day he ran out of the cave, it was a new world and he heard a noise and he saw 4 animal that he had never seen, they were humans. The she-wolf appeared to save hercub but one human called her Kiche and he caressed her, the cub was surprised.
The mother and the cub went with the humans; a man named Gray Beaver named the cub White Fang because he had whitefangs.
Kiche and White Fang spent a long time with the humans, but another time a drought passed through the forest. White Fang escaped from the camping from the humans because he was scared that the...
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