Who contributed the most in winning ww2?

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Who contributed the most to the winning of world war two? Evaluate the powers of each by may 1945.

+ Introduction

+ general contribution of countries
+ economics
+ blood
+ leader
+ military tactics
+ technology

+ Conclusion

The World War ll caused great destruction and deaths. People suffered throughout this war because ofstarvation, suppression of human rights and many others. This war also permitted the countries to develop new technologies, economic and military tactics. This essay will discuss the question “Who contributedthe most to the winning of world war two?”
Unlike one can think, the world war two was not won just because of America. Almost every country involved contributed to this victory. Britain offeredradars and won key battles such as: battle of Britain and el Alamien which permitted the allies to advance. Spanish nationalist rebels (supported by the allies) won the civil war against the republicanssupported by Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy. France tried to contribute but with great failure because they were devastated in some way by the Nazi. Germany also helped winning the war by havinghorrible military tactics for example the operation Barbarossa which had as goal to split German army in two, which consequently divided Nazi power by two also.
The ones who helped the most wereRussia and USA so the essay will focus on both and analyze by parts each of the most important aspects that made this victory possible.
The first point evoked will be the economy of the country. USA wasthe most powerful in this domain by 1940. When most countries were fighting, Americans were developing their technology, constructing cars, washing machines, televisions and weapons. Their productionwas around ten times greater than the European countries and kept like this until 1945.
Concerning Russia, their production was also very high but not as important as American. Lots of Russians...
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