Why i like so much to ride motorcycles

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  • Publicado : 27 de octubre de 2010
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Why I Like So Much to Ride Motorcycles

Since I was a kid I liked very much riding motorcycles. I drive a motorcycle for first time when I was eight years old, when my uncle lent me hisAtv to ride in his colony in Culiacan. When I was going with my uncle, I spent hour riding the Atv on the roads we had out there. From the first time I got on a motorbike I was fascinated.The motorcycling is a very good hobby. You can relate with other people who liked the same things. Motocross is a good sport because you use a lot of force and many muscles of your body.Taking trips on dirt roads you can share with nature and you can have a great time. Having the motorcycling of hobby can bring you great benefits and wonderful moments.
The improperhandling of a motorcycle can be very dangerous. If you go very fast, you can fell down and broke a bone or even die. The Atv’s and the motocross are invented to the dirt roads and, not for thestreet. It is very dangerous to ride a motorcycle without protection. The motorcycling can be very fun if you have respect to it, but if you don’t, this could be fatal.
Is essential touse protective equipment when you use a motorcycle. The protective helmet has saved many lives in this sport. Protective equipment can free you of many damages when you fell down of themotorbike. Is fundamental to use a complete security equipment if you compete with the motorcycle. Use protective equipment if you want to ride comfortable and less risky.
The motorcycling isa perfect hobby and sport for the people that enjoy the adrenaline. Is a very good sport in which you can meet persons with the same interests. Is very dangerous if you don’t know to useit. You can have very funny moments with your friends. And because all of that, the motorcycling is my favorite hobby, and it is a very good sport if we have respect and know how to handle it.
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